Friday, March 21, 2014

CASTING CALL: Verve Fashion Show 2014

Date: Saturday March 29th, 2014
Time: 10am to 4pm
Address: 160 Kendal Avenue, Toronto, ON M5R 1M3 
Fourth Floor, C461


  • Age: 17 to 25 Tall, lean build.
  • Height: 5'11 to 6'3
  • Measurements: Waist 32” - 34”, Inseam 32” - 34”, Chest 38” - 42” 

  • Age: 14 to 25, tall, well defined bone structure
  • Height: 5'8 to 6'0"
  • Measurements: Bust 32" - 36", Waist 24" -25", Hip 34" - 36"

If interested in attending our casting please email the Model Coordinator, Andrea White, at with your name and agency. 



*Female Models are to wear black skinny jeans or leggings as well as a white tank top. Bring black closed toe pumps with a minimum 3" heel. Wear minimal makeup -light foundation, no eyeliner*

*Male Models are to wear dark wash denim jeans or black dress pants. Bring black dress shoes. Clean shaven or maintained facial hair*

Compensation: Professionally edited photos & video of show and luxury "Thank you" gift bags

Monday, March 3, 2014


Mass Exodus 2014!

Looking for:  5 new face male models who are willing to walk on Mass Exodus 2014 runway

Why: To showcase contemporary menswear collection on Mass Exodus 2014 runway

This will be a great opportunity for new-face models to display their talents and receive high volume of media exposures.

More about the event itselfMass Exodus is the largest student-run fashion show in the world. On April 3rd 2014, Mass Exodus will open its doors to 3,000 spectators over the course of two shows. The event will be held at the Mattamy Athletic Centre, in the historic Maple Leaf Gardens hosting an afternoon show at 12:30pm and an evening show at 6:00pm. The event will present the creative talents of both the graduating Fashion Design and Fashion Communication students at Ryerson University, attracting a broad audience of industry professionals, media and the Toronto community.”

Models must be available on:
  • April 2nd (the day before the show, as there MAY be a rehearsal),
  • April 3rd (the day of the show, for both 12:30 pm show and 6:00 pm show)
  • And for fitting (arranged with the student designer) 
Requirement: Male models
  • Height: 5'8+
  • Chest: 38-40"
  • Waist: 31-32"
  • Inseam: 32"
  • Shirts: S/M
  • Age: 19-30
  • (All race and ethnics models welcome. Although runway experiences are not necessary, we do want the models to have some experience walking on the runway

Please contact Jessica at if you are interested or have any questions! Thank you

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Carolyn's Kids Models in French Recipe Book

Take a look at Carolyn's Kids talent Saskia W. and Giselle-Rose W. in this great photo shoot for the French recipe book "Le livre qui se lit jusqu’à la faim". Great job girls!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Carolyn's Kids Child Model in Sears Ads

Take a look at Carolyn's Talent and Child Model Nethuki W. in these ads that can be found in Sears stores near you! Great job Nethuki, you look amazing! She's the one with dark hair and dark skin - isn't she adorable?

Friday, February 7, 2014


Make It Happen: The Musical

Now holding auditions for lead and supporting male roles in a Trebas Student short film.
For more information, and to set up your audition date and time,
Looking for all ranges in vocal technique

Character Breakdowns



            Comes from a very strict religious family that believes the man of the house gets a job and provides for his family.  He is gay.  His father finds this hard to believe and thinks that allowing him to go away to an art college has brainwashed him into liking men.  His mother, whom follows his fathers every word is of no help.  Jordan went to school for fashion after discovering his love of the needle and thread when he would help his mother sew when younger.  While in school, he met up with a designer who now passes Jordan’s original clothes off as his own promising Jordan that the next show will be his.  Because of this, Jordan works in a coffee shop to make ends meet with the little cash he receives from selling his designs.  He still sews a few pieces by hand when he meets a person to inspire him.


            Comes from a rather poor family, he is the oldest out of five, and helps his mother in raising them.  He didn’t finish high school and would rather use his time looking for a better paying job that doesn’t involve a produce.  Winston secretly thinks that he hates his mother because of the choices she made; he believes that it has ruined his life.  He doesn't want to take care of his younger brothers and sisters, and thinks that his mother should stop with the constant boyfriends and focus on other things.  All of this had made him not care about anything other than making money.  He goes to interview after interview with self-taught knowledge, or with hopes of working in a company mailroom where he could at least get benefits.  He is very nonchalant and laid back about life.  He puts on a smile, but is so sarcastic that no one could ever tell that he is serious.



Has realized at a young age how to manipulate people into doing things his way, he has perfected the art of pushing to the breaking point.  Always ready to talk over someone and disregard their opinion, he believes that he is deserving of what ever someone else has.  Naturally a horrible dresser, who doesn't seem to understand human nature, Mark believes his way is the only way.


He has such an asexual personality that the people around him forget that he is the epitome of classic disgusting male chauvinistic behavior that its borderline nazi in it quirkiness.  Dan works for the company in the Web Design department.  He believes that if he can identify with someone of the opposite sex, he can get "closer" to them to a point where they will eat out of his hands.


At the age where it seems like he should be retired, he is very old fashioned.  Never in a rush to talk, or pay attention, he goes at his own pace.  He feels entitled due to his age to act any way he sees fit.  Always the first to voice his thoughts, he saunters around with his chin held high.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lapset Magazine Photo Shoot - Carolyn's Kids

Check out some great photos of Carolyn's Kids talent Avery G. and Sofia C. from a shoot done last weekend by Controlled Chaos Photography's talented Emily Kornya.  This was for submission to Lapset Magazine, a Ukrainian Magazine for their February edition.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Canadian Model & Talent Convention


Audition to attend the 22nd Annual Canadian Model & Talent Convention
Four Days That Could Change Your Life!

Compete nationally as a new face in modelling & acting competitions including Runway, Photography, Cover, Swimsuit, TV Commercial, Monologue, Cold Reading, Improv, Singing, Dance & many, many more!

If you successfully audition, why attend the Canadian Model & Talent Convention!?

EDUCATION! - Nowhere else can you gain this much education about the industry over 4 days! We had 15 Seminars & Workshops scheduled at the 2013 CMTC which were presented by the World’s Top Agents, Scouts, Managers & Casting Directors!

EXPERIENCE!! - Why do new models/talent have such a hard time breaking into the industry? Clients & Casting Directors want to book models/talent that have experience! Only at CMTC can you gain true industry experience through our numerous competitions & events!

- Where else can you meet OVER 50 of the World’s TOP Modelling & Talent Agents, Scouts, Managers & Casting Directors all in ONE weekend!? CMTC makes the connection between new faces & the career makers in the industry!

If you have what it takes, don’t miss this ONCE A YEAR opportunity to be showcased and, ultimately, BE DISCOVERED!

* Mississauga/Toronto *
Sunday February 2nd
10am to 12 noon (you must be in attendance the entire two hours)
Hilton Garden Inn Toronto/Mississauga – Ontario Room
100 Traders Blvd., Mississauga ON
If you are interested in auditioning and reserving a spot, please reserve through CMTC’s website:

We are auditioning and looking for children ages 4+, tweens, teens and adults. Please do not bring babies or children under the age of 4 to the audition/seminar. For models and talent under the age of 18, a parent must be present.

Canadian Model & Talent Convention, CMTC Inc.
t: 613 967 5972 | f: 613 967 1544 | w: | twitter: @CMTCInc